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Children's School and Kindy Educational Workshops

We offer educational workshops to students of all ages to show  the importance and beauty of Australian Native Stingless Bees in our gardens and within agriculture. Students will have an up close and personal experience with these harmless bees. We will show the inside of the hive through the specially crafted viewing panel which shows the bees in action bringing in food and pollen. Students will also have the opportunity to taste the Native honey also known as ‘Sugarbag’ by first indigenous Australians who have been harvesting this sweet treat for thousands of years. 

Topics Discussed in the Workshop

Workshops can run from 30minutes to half a day depending on the inclusions and location and what is requested to be included

  • Intro about the many native bees in Australia
  • Talk about the specific ‘social’ native bees that live together in hives, trees or fallen logs
  • Learn about the most common box designs
  • Splitting a hive
  • Setting up an eduction for viewing the natural duplication of a hive
  • Native Bee pests and competitors
  • Talk about the different swarms that can happen
  • Open a hive and learn about hive structure
  • Taste the honey
  • Make or setup a small native bee hotel to leave onsite for solitary and wild native bees and other pollinators
  • Observe bee flight patterns and behaviour
  • Learn about preferred flowering plants for native bees
  • Make or try bees wax wraps and lip balm made from bees products
  • Offer hives for purchase to attendees
  • Show common native bee books, tools and related items
  • Question and answer
Native Beehive workshop


Native Bee Workshop

Price for a workshop at your school begin at $275 and may vary depending on numbers of attendees and desired inclusions.

For a further fee we can also include the setup of any purchased hives within the workshop.