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Australian Native Bee Hives

Mark installing the inspection plate on the newly split Native Bee Hive

Here at No Stings Attached, we source and construct our own Australian Native Bee hives. Each hive is constructed with at least 25mm timber and given 3 coats of quality paint. This helps the bee hive temperature regulate and provides a buffer to the weather conditions of the northern rivers of NSW. 

Australian Native Bee Hives can be purchased either stocked with stingless bees for $650 or empty for $180. Empty hives are 3 levels including honey super and clear top so that you can see into the hives as they go about their work. We also offer delivery and assist in setting up for a fee. 

Where can I keep my Native Bees

In Australia we have over 1700 species of Native bees. 11 of these Native bee species are social and are classed into two genera – Tetragonula and Austroplebeia.   We stock mostly TC (or Tetragonula Carbonaria) as these Native bees can be found up and down the east coast of NSW and QLD. Australian Native Hives can be placed in a variety of locations, but generally best to have some morning sun and then shade after 10:30am. The bees forage a much smaller range than the European honeybees. They are suited well to urban and suburban gardens. Australian Native Bees (Stingless Bees) don’t sting, so they can be found in areas of high human activity and provide no risks. They are great in schools and home gardens. These bees are also gaining some popularity as commercial pollinators. 



Bee Hive including a Colony of Bees $600

Empty Bee Box (No Bees) $175

Installations Minimum $100 + depending on location 

Native Bee Hive Entrance