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About us

We are a local family who has lived in the Tweed Valley for over thirty Years. Mark takes care of the daily duties of caring for the bees while his wife Kelly works in the background taking care of the admin, marketing and communications. 

Mark is a passionate apiarist with experience in both European (Honey Bee) and Native Stingless Bees.

Mark has a passion to create diverse environments for humans and animals to learn and thrive. His interest in native bees was sparked way back when he attended a camp where the guide introduced the kids and adults to a native bee colony in a tree. This was his first experience of native stingless bees. Since then combined with the completion of a permaculture design certificate Mark has expanded his bee enterprise from hobby to commercial level.

He has experience in stingless bee education in for all ages, pollination for farmers, and garden design and consultation. 

Mark educates through workshops and sales to aspiring bee keepers. 

Although the bees are his vocation, he loves spending time at home in his garden with his wife and four children.
Mark Payne No Stings Attached